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Thursday, April 23, 2009

beginnings of a love affair

23 April, 2009
Long before I was a studio assistant at Haystack or an off season visitor to Round Pond, Maine, there were Robert McCloskey's books with their lyrical texts and wonderful illustrations. My love affair with Maine began at the figurative knee of Captain Kangeroo in the morning and the real elbow of my mother reading to me at night. I am not sure if it was the book, "One Morning in Maine" or, my favorite, "A Time
of Wonder" which cemented my romance and curiosity about this piece of the world off the beaten path.
Last year I encountered this enormous fallen tree on Monhegan Island with treasure accumulated among the roots. I remembered Sal had found a similar tree scouting about her island on her own. The contents of detrius tangled among the roots seemed like faery treasure.
It is these alluring moments that cause me to remain here, a Southerner bred to the bone and most assuredly a fish out of water.

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