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Sunday, June 14, 2009

being the Heirophant

This morning, as part of my journal-keeping practice, I made a list of the parts of my life which have provided me with greatest stability over time (I see I am talking like Hierophant already). The list was simple: work and my spiritual practice, specifically the Tarot.
That being said, I returned to the chaos that is my studio. I was looking for a painted table cloth which had been the beginning of a quilt which I wanted to return. I searched downstairs without success and decided to try the plastic bins in the guest room closet. In one I found 3 quilts all just begun sometime in the last 5 years and all very interesting. (completion is not my strong suit) I remembered only one of them. One in particular excited me because the color combinations were just so weird and the idea behind it was appealing. I have been given several falling-apart quilt tops from the 1930s and 1940s and this appeared to be a quilt in which I intended to preserve at least parts of these old quilts in an interesting way. I realized with great excitement I was being the Hierophant, preserving tradition, just as it seems to be my destiny to do. (I went to graduate school in the history of art) I remembered an article by Thalassa
in "Llewellyn's Tarot Reader" from 2007 ( I think) about being Tarot and this morning felt like the proverbial Helen Keller moment.


  1. IZE, you didn't explain what the Dr Bronner's Lavender soaps are doing on your painting. ??? :)

    I'm so happy that we're both doing blogs now. I just became a follower of yours, tho before I had it bookmarked. This will be easier to check you with.

    Jimmy caught five groundhogs and relocated them, one at a time, over the last two weeks. Only one huge'un to go. Love, Lucky T

  2. Dear Elizabeth I met you many moons ago at the AQN retreat and QSDS in Columbus and I too would love to know what you are using the soap for in your process. Gayle Pritchard and Susie helped me to reconnect with you...I think I remember you being plagued by ugly migraines and wonder often how you are surviving. I have had three brain interventional surgeries for brain anuerysms sp? Living with Lupus is always an adventure! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. reply to Susi,
    I am so glad you are following my blog. I will try to be disciplined about relaying news. Sometimes it seems out here in "puckerville" (to borrow a phrase from a friend who used to ride horses and refers to those sticky things you get on socks as puckers) life moves really slowly.
    As to Dr. Brommer's-well for all of us that shop at hippie-steelcut-oatmeal-in-the-bin coops-Dr. Brommer's Magic Soap is the soap for washing vintage delicate textiles. Besides all the crazy writing reminds me of a book one of professors in graduate school used to love and refer to all the time called "Cosmogony of our Forefathers" (I promise).

  4. Mary Helen, How are you??? How could you possibly think I would have forgotten how you?!!!! We all shared a great deal during the years I was in the Ohio group. I am so sorry to hear about the difficulties with Lupus. You sound remarkably
    optimistic about your life. I am glad we are back in touch.
    Much love,


  5. PS. My friend and native Mainer, to whom I turn with all questions local, has informed me it "Puckerbrush" not Puckerville.