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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There is something about this Fall....

      Everyone says the animals are really on the move this year. My neighbor up the road was vandalized by a bear, who stole her bird feeder. I have wild male turkeys who think it good idea to try come inside the house on cold afternoons when I feed them their ear of dried corn (yes, I know I shouldn't be feeding them but...). Then there is the deer family-a mother and two fawns who live part time on the back of my property. Yesterday I saw the local bald eagle deep in thought standing on one of the swampy promintories of the lake;  he seemed contemplative. I am not drawing any conclusions from all of this activity, just reporting in.

The old viridian painted rice tray  above holds a bowl of rocks from Jasper Beach, Maine which is way Downeast on the Bay of Fundy.  Several years ago I made a great off season trip there with my sister in early November. Lovely beach, terrible frozen fish!!! Then there are my squash... the lady in the farm stand said she could here me laughing  at the checkout counter while I picked my selection out for this fall. They have always looked like bizarre aircraft of some kind to me. I am taking a drawing class every Saturday this fall at the Farnsworth Museum from the wonderful Sam Caddy (see the link for his Meg Ryan Gallery, New York) and these squash are some of my subject matter for my daily drawing. All those bumps on the squash makes me want to do pen and ink.

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