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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saris, Indian kantha stitch and a new tool

(Above  is a bedcovering made from old cotton saris which were stitched together using the kantha stitch, traditionally this work is done in the winter months during the rainy season. And included in the above photograph is my brand new

Sailmakers palm. I am trying to learn to  use it for the times I must sew  through multiple layers of fabric using embrodiery thread as in the two details from one of my World Tree series quilts seen below, (I am hopeful that it will work better than Band-aids) I acquired the palm  from the Marlinespike
Chandlery in Stonington on Deer Isle,  Maine.

 Second detail from "World Tree II" (above)
Above are some lovely examples of the printed cotton saris  which have been turned into wraps and  renewed my fascination with Indian textiles. (they are courtesy of and the one and only Lucy Sisman)

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  1. Lovely colors and softness...I am glad you are back. I have missed you! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart